Merlin’s Manic Miners

Merlin’s Manic Miners…

When you join the Merlin’s Manic Miners pre-launch team, you will learn the secret of how to set up, and mine, more Merlin coins on your own computer absolutely FREE!

1. Register for your FREE BullionCoin Affiliate Account with Legacy Gold – Click Here.

2. Download and install the Merlin Manic Miners wallet onto your computer – Click Here.

3. Email us your Legacy Gold ID Number and your Merlin Coin Address then transfer the funds for however many Merlin Coins you’d like to purchase to start with and we’ll send them directly to your wallet.

4. Set up your coins in your wallet for ‘Staking’, wait for seven days for your coins to mature, then sit back, relax and enjoy mining more Merlin Coins absolutely FREE!

Once you see the system working for yourself, and you want to mine more Merlin Coins, you simply need to purchase more coins and stake them in exactly the same way. The more coins you hold in your wallet, the greater your mining rewards will be.

Good Luck!

And Happy Mining!