Bullion Coins

When Two Worlds Collide…

What happens when Gold meets Digital Money? A new era begins with the very first Cryprocurrency to be backed by real 999.9 Pure Gold!

One of the major issues with most cryptocurrencies is their volatility; you can see massive swings of thousands of dollars in just a few hours. The big advantage of Bullion Coin is that, as it is backed by real 999.9 Pure Gold, its price will never fall below the current spot-price of gold, which effectively acts as a built in safety net.

Instead of working for money, now you can enjoy money working for you!

Historically, Gold has always been a stable, long-term, store of value and wealth; especially in times of financial uncertainty. Also, it can increase in value as the price goes up but, apart from that, your investment in gold is usually just ‘sat there’, doing nothing. Another great advantage with BullionCoin is that it adds the ability to actually earn on your investment every time that it is transacted with on the open market.

Merlin has partnered with Legacy Gold to bring you this very unique and exciting opportunity to buy BullionCoins from as little as one coin at a time. Normally, the minimum purchase is 1,000 coins which, at upwards of GBP 300,000, is unfortunately out of the reach of most average people, and thus is only available to large hedge-fund managers and the main market-makers.

When you purchase a BullionCoin you first buy 1g of gold and then that 1g of gold is used to create a new digital 1g BullionCoin into existence. You are then the title owner of this new coin which entitles you to earn a small commission every time that coin is transacted with, for life! You also have the option to take it out of the market and convert it back into the original 1g of 999.9 pure gold that is backing it at any time you like.

There is also a 50g 999.9 pure silver coin option available which works in exactly the same way as well.

Legacy Gold 50g Silver Bullion Coin

Simple Summary of How It All Works

The following is a simple overview of the whole BullionCoin process:

  1. Primary market participants buy physical precious metals at the wholesale contract rates & hold Title of Ownership to it.

  3. Those participants then authorise for BullionCoins to be created/minted against their precious metals.

  5. Minting/creating BullionCoins is just a process of digitisation of the Title of Ownership to that metal.

  7. Primary market participants then sell those digital coins into the secondary (retail) market.

  9. That sale, is the selling of the Title of Ownership from the primary market participant to multiple retail investors.

  11. The digital coins that those investors now hold, act as an electronic Bearer’s Title to the physical gold & silver that’s backing it.

  13. Coin holders can use them in transactions and trades, in exactly the same way that you use fiat currency.

As the coins are electronic Bearer’s Titles to the physical precious metals backing them, investors holding those coins can then redeem them, at any time, in exchange for the equivalent quantity of physical gold & silver that those coins represent.

Bullion Coins Flow Chart

By joining our affiliate programme it allows you the exact same opportunity as the big market-makers to take advantage of this very unique opportunity to earn an additional income on top of all the other great benefits of owning gold and silver. You can get started now with as little as 1g, and then buy as little or as much as you like, whenever you like.

It’s FREE to join Now and there is never any pressure or obligation to do anything at all; the only targets are the ones that you set for yourself.

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